Museo de la Revolucion Ironically in the palace of the former dictator Batista. This imposing monument to privilege while most of the country went starving is an architectural marvel (you will crane your neck looking up). Many exhibits from the CIA backed Bay of Pigs attack of 1961 including the tank Castro used in the prime parking area outside.
Cathedral de San Cristobal � In the Plaza de la Cathedral in old Havana stands this beautiful imposing building dating back to 1777. In the same square is an art gallery and seminary built by Jesuits.
Castillo de la Real Fuerza Located in the Plaza de Armas area this 16th century castle is surrounded by a wide moat and is the oldest military construction in Havana. A long and interesting history with a ceramics museum on site.
Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas On Calle Industria 524, in the central square of Parque Central opposite Capitolio is the largest cigar factory in Cuba and a tourist must do in these parts, to see how they make the worlds cigars and then maybe try one.
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